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How It Works


The aim is to be able to be enriched by other people without unveiling sensitive information about ourselves. Deciding our own level of privacy, like when enjoying common social networking, we are able to interact with strangers, in real time, and in real life. Our products are characterized by a unique QR code or a RFID, fully integrated into the design of our collection.

A third party spots the QR code or RFID and can scan it. On his/her mobile devise a hyperlink to PeekMeUp’s chat system on Facebook and twitter appears. He/she posts their comment about, for example, a bag or T-shirt the QR code or RFID holder is carrying or wearing. The QR code or RFID holder, of course, realizes who is scanning his/her code. The visual contact, in real time, is the key element of this system. The QR code or RFID holder receives a notification that someone has posted a comment on their page. The QR code or RFID owner can decide whether to reply to this comment. In the case of a person who has previously scanned the QR code or RFID and posted his/her comment, they will receive a notification on their mobile and could consequently start to chat. If The QR code or RFID holder has no intention to be in contact with this specific person, he/she can just ignore his/her post. Only with the RFID system, the RFID object’s owner can enhance his/her object with any extra information he/she wishes to share. This enhanced implementation offers major advantages:

The RFID owner can add the information he/she wants to share.

Every object becomes unique and, for this reason, the RFID object will be immediately identified, and only the notifications to this specific object will be notified to his/her owner.

This object can be given away, the new owner can decide to leave the previous owners comments or block them and keep only his/her own ones. This last feature is going to be implemented in the short future.