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About Us

PeekMeUp revolutionizes the way of communicating, moving and living.

It always regards the item, and the way in which our life is shared with that item.

Unlike email addresses, nicknames or personal websites, PeekMeUp is uniquely linked to an object, following it on its journey, it has a life on its own, it is detached from the person, and while remaining an extension never identifies with the owner, it just continues telling the story of the tagged-item.

Because of its visibility, PeekMeUp is able to overcome the natural barriers that prevent us from stopping strangers on the street, by making that first contact possible in a more discreet and non-invasive way.

PeekMeUp is a label to be applied to items in the real world. Giving us an opportunity for sharing pieces of life. It always requires visual contact with the tagged item.

Why should I buy a PeekMeUp?

  1. To stop the frustration of isolation when among strangers;
  2. To give fate a chance;
  3. To share the beauty of an object, its meaning, its history;
  4. To meet new people, passions, experiences, points of view;
  5. To create a new bond of trust with Life, its generosity, with the endless opportunities of meeting that, until yesterday, were bound to be lost;
  6. And all this can be realized securely, protected behind the absolute anonymity of a PeekMeUp-code.


PeekMeUp is a company established in Singapore. Our international, dedicated team includes different nationalities that constantly supervise the quality of our products and services in order to offer our customers the best experience possible. Innovation on quality products, research on new design concepts, developers of PMU’s keys factors and applications to new objects and reality, are the core of our activities.

Patent Pending No.: 201206734-4

A New Way to Communicate

What is PeekMeUp? A method of mobile/website based identification and data collection.
It is a method of labelling by using a QR code or a RFID device, the use of which is implemented through the website (peekmeup.com) and information is uploaded by registered users (for RFID device).