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01: What happens after I scan the QR code or RFID?

On the QR code you’ll find the page link where you can post messages to be seen by the QR code owner.

On the RFID you can access the information that the owner previously set.

02: If a QR code RFID holder doesn’t accept my scan?

It’s totally up to the QR code RFID owners discretion to accept or refuse to have their QR code RFID scanned.

03: May I choose who can be in contact with me?

PMU is a system based on visual / proximity reference (As expressed in point 3). It is at the total discretion of the QR code or RFID owner to accept or to refuse to have their own QR code or RFID scanned. Furthermore, in the PMU’s system itself is the possibility to keep and choose your own level of privacy. It’s in the QR code or RFID owners power to be able to interrupt all communications at any time.

04: How can I protect my privacy?

You can protect your privacy by not unveiling any personal information. You can chat on the different social networking platforms using your own name, or pseudonym.

05: Does my identity remain secret?

You unveil only your social networks user name. In the personalized code you can freely choose which kind of information you want unveil.

06: To which Social networks will I be connected to?

To Facebook, Twitter for the standard code. Any chosen chatting platform on the RFID.

07: I’m not registered to Facebook, Twitter, what should I do?

If you use a QR code you’ll have to register to at least one in order to access the chatting page where you can see the post addressed to you.

For a RFID user a different personally chosen chat platform is available.

08: What happens if the QR code / RFID on the product I received don’t work?
The QR code is printed / set with the highest reliability system. There are too many unpredictable factors to be able to give estimation about the QR Code readability.Each QR Code and RFID are thoroughly tested at the factory. If for any reason a brand new QR Code / RFID is not readable, the product must be shipped back to the factory and upon verification will be changed into a new one.